Beacon beaming from the bright tower

provides guidance for the skipper of a trawler

as he pulls his catch towards the harbour

following the light

that skips along the water

created by the bright bulbt

hat turns around in the tower

Animals Food


#SoCs #Deep

Salford 4th April 2020

It’s hard to really appreciate the dish

without taking some time over it

the fish – had been swimming with others

free to explore – developing

evading all predators –

from the polar bear in the north

to the seals and penguins in the south

all to be caught by a net

trawled to a port and

cooked up by a chef

battered within an inch of its old life

in oil so hot – it almost leapt onto the plate

and served by a waitress, Annette

while eaten by the regulars with chips and peas

its eaten by the gastronome

with lemon and tartar sauce……Flavour? DEEP!

Animals Poetry

Tiggers of the Deep

Down in the deep blue
a family of tiger fish
settle down for their dinner.
And lights from passing starfish
allow Tiggers of the deep
to enjoy their nice lunch
then go off to sleep.
As Dogfish, Catfish and Crustaceans all
decide to have a night-time ball
as they make a late night excursion
to a sunken trawlers wall