Salford 12th February 2018 Crossroads Coming to a big decision is Really down to you Of course, you have the choices laid out for you Smorgasbord of things to do , and places to go Some helpful advice from teachers, academics and of course, family Reactions from friends – expected – they might be sadContinue reading “Crossroads”

Olympia Landed

Some place, Some where It began on a field of green on a soggy spring day   And as the rain fell muddy puddles splashed as damp feet advanced   The grey soon disappeared as speeds increased and coaches unleashed new hurdles   Soon young minds engaged beating Ra to the punch and clock timesContinue reading “Olympia Landed”

Thoughts of the long distance runner

Salford, 12th May 2017 Down the long stretches of Tarmac he goes In darkness, fuelled by apples and bananas Some call him crazy, but others they smile Taking to the deserted road, to break down his time All for the prize, of reaching that line Nice shiny medal and Achievement awaits Could records be brokenContinue reading “Thoughts of the long distance runner”

Memories of London 2012 – Paralympics

Salford August 2012 There have been a number of camps throughout the city, hosting athletes from many nations and in many sports in relation to the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Brazil were no different, and used venues up and down the city from the Regional Athletic Arena at Sportcity  to the Manchester Aquatics centre on Oxford Road. AthletesContinue reading “Memories of London 2012 – Paralympics”