Back together again

It’s not easy being me…. I took a fall from a window and went into flight aided by the northwest wind I went to pieces, without assistance My head and legs went different places I thought – “that’s it!” – and went to bits as i thought i’d played my aces But from the kerbContinue reading “Back together again”

Five more days of Christmas

Salford 2nd January 2019 #christmas #newyear If you find this post a little scrambled, there is a reason Six hours kip doesn’t do much for the festive spirit But just what do you do after new year ? Back to work or school after two weeks away If you’re a kid all you want toContinue reading “Five more days of Christmas”


Salford 16th December 2018 Morning after the night before The scene….reminiscent of a burglar Objects festooned across living room and kitchen But there’s not a window smashed Or door broken Instead, two happy little faces are found Among brightly coloured carnage Playing with the toys That Santa has left behind for them

Things people play with

#cffc #thingspeopleplaywith #octpowrimo perplexing confusing trialling three words to describe an imagine puzzle they arrive at the recipients house…fully completed seems easy doesn’t it ?   The simplest of objectives dismantle and reconstruct my advice….leave them in the cellophane if you value a shred of your sanity for once opened….it’ll take it bit by bit.

Toy Story

#Toystory #Memories #Childhood Salford 6th September I can see them now scattered around on the floor those little bricks that stuck together some square – some rectangles some red, some yellow, some blue, some green we made trees and houses for the little lego people that rode around in the cars on the stubbily greenContinue reading “Toy Story”

Christmas Tree

Salford 5th December 2017 A poem originally wrote by inky for, now making an appearance here as the christmas embargo is officially over! (wrote on St Andrews Day….) I’m writing on St. Andrew’s Day, to make a festive plea. Don’t neglect mother nature for the sake of a Christmas tree. Now, before you allContinue reading “Christmas Tree”

Snack time

Bite lunch was two hours ago and dinner is hours away the hunger pangs are out of the cage And they’ve begun to play So over to the brown bread you go And forage for a filling or two When the jars of peanut butter and jam Located above tonight’s spiced ham Decide to greetContinue reading “Snack time”