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  • Toastie II

    Toastie II

    #Discoverprompts #Food # Toastie Salford, Sunday 5th April 2020 To many, it’s better than Sunday Lunch Over the country, they’ve been cooking under the grill A combination of Ham and Cheese, and sometimes tomato Sitting under the grill and combining to make a Totally tasty treat Instantaneous flavour from bite to bite End to scrumptious […]

  • Toastie I

    Toastie I

    #Food #Poetry Salford, 2nd February 2020 Totally encompassed in this little parcel out of nowhere, a sausage or two sends sensations to the tastebuds totally making them wild with each chew inquisitive minds wonder – what’s in it that’s so delicious ? eat up! and you’ll find out!