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  • Breakfast

    Salford, 7th April 2020 #Food #Morning #Breakfast #Napowrimo A prompt from Writerswrite.co.za – cheers to the promptuarium for providing the list of prompts Best meal of the day, some people call it…. Ripe tasty bananas slapped between two pieces of buttered bread, or Egg, boiled and salted, and served up with bread soldiers A hearty […]

  • Toastie II

    Toastie II

    #Discoverprompts #Food # Toastie Salford, Sunday 5th April 2020 To many, it’s better than Sunday Lunch Over the country, they’ve been cooking under the grill A combination of Ham and Cheese, and sometimes tomato Sitting under the grill and combining to make a Totally tasty treat Instantaneous flavour from bite to bite End to scrumptious […]

  • Toast

    Salford , 25th April 2019 Triangular wonder cooked by the heat of a thousand suns in a silver toaster warming and turning soft white (or maybe brown) bread golden and toasty Yellow butter melts as it lands on the surface sinking slowly at the sound of the pop of a jar opening and the imminent […]