Salford 2nd December 2017

The first days of advent always bring an air of magic.

I think it might be the sight of the Christmas tree

bright shiny metallic tinsel draped around the dark green fronds

Deep Reds, Dark Greens, Frosty Whites and Blues

Not forgetting the silver and golds

but even the advent colours of purple and pink look nice in a metallic sheen

who can forget the lights reflecting in the coloured glass baubles ?

and at the top of the tree, a Star or an Angel dancing over the fairy-lit tree


Its not this time of year until….

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

1. Festive lights on Trees outside every shopping centre in sight

Evidence for the defence….


This is the Entrance of the Lowry outlet mall in Salford (Look it up guys, it’s my hometown. Situated next to Manchester – who like to get developers to subvert their name onto every other city / town in the Metropolitan Area)


2. Every large store has some sort of “Winter” Sale

This one is a biggie…as I write there’s five more days of NOVEMBER folks.  By the time we get to the week of Christmas itself – There’s going to be one hell of an Anti-climax.

3. Christmas Markets

I Actually like Christmas Markets…why we have to have them in November Heaven only knows, it still raised a smile seeing the Traditional stalls being set up in the streets (Haven’t opened yet – so there may be an image here later 🙂 )

4. There’s  Food you normally don’t buy in the rest of the year

As well as the usual Meat and Veg you see around this season, the nature of what is available is astounding.   Satsumas, Cranberries and all sorts of Flavourings – and that’s just for the stuffing.  You get all this in….and most of it (particularly those flavourings you sprinkle over the roasts to make them “especially crispy”) is still there two weeks after twelfth night.

One Good thing – Mince pies and Christmas Pudding…(though you can get plum pudding in the shops after Christmas day

5.  The Mad Rush

Today (Friday) was believe it or Not – Black Friday – where the world and his wife went bonkers looking for “Unbelievable” bargains.  I avoided Manchester city centre like a dose of the plague.  But I too, used to run around before 24th December in a mad rush to get the present everybody wanted…even if that meant I received three Christmas jumpers in return…This year – i’m pacing myself…running round causes too much stress…and we don’t need that now do we?

I’m just going to take it easy, pick out the stuff from my list of pressies i’m sending to santa and enjoy the rest of the holidays

Christmas Tree

As we’re in December – I’m RELENTING!!!

Here’s a tale of Christmas – about the tree enjoy


I’m writing on St. Andrew’s Day,

to make a festive plea.

Don’t neglect mother nature

for the sake of a christmas tree.

Now, before you all yell “Humbug!”

at my festive rhyme

consider if you will the subject

that i’m spending the time.

yon Scots pines been up in the highlands,

where its taken some time to grow

for some forester to swiftly chop it down

with one or two axe blows

“Its tradition!” I’ll hear the hardened

who don’t listen to my plea

they say it’ll thrive – its not even alive

as the needles fall from the tree

So get yourself one in a bucket

one wi fresh branches and shoots

after chrimbo and snow – it’ll continue to grow

in a place where it’ll spread its roots

and you’ll see it in garden each winter

as it grows upon year after year

and the children will play, wi the toys on the day

the tree brings the Christmas Cheer.


An Acrostic on Christmas Decorations


Down from the loft stairs it comes, the family Christmas tree
Every year, the same routine never fails to disappoint
Children hang their favourite toy off the tree – with the aid of mum or dad
Old family baubles are joined by newer items
Round the Christmas tree they go – bringing colour and sparkle
Angel sits atop the tree (or sometimes a star)
Tinsel draped off every branch, finishes off the tree wonderfully
In the Well of the tree – is an ample space for Santa’s deliveries
On Christmas eve – the children leave a little something with their
Notes for father Christmas – and a carrot or two for the reindeer
Santa’s coming – and he’ll like our tree!