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Time travel

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The Sands of time seem to pass
so slowly when you’re young
the cogs in the clock
seem like they don’t even move

And yet, sat with your nephews
on the big comfy sofa
you watch time go back
almost in an instant

Moments of fun
spent as a child
creating lines of sandcastles
on a northern beach

Decorations of seashells
and seaweed – covering the scene
as you and your pals
from down the street – enjoy an icecream

And faces gone – but not forgotten

look as fresh as the day the camera captured

the day little feet took a cautious dip

into northern waters
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Trials of a blogging writer

There are days when I wish the TARDIS was real….

For those not familiar with the vessel…the t.a.r.d.i.s. is the time traveling vessel of doctor who…who travels through time and space on adventures, with his companions.

I wrote a piece where I kind of borrowed the tardis from one of its homes at mediacity uk, just across the way and picked up some eminent scientists for a cure for my ailments…and a baby mammoth to keep them safe

After I’d written it though…I came to the conclusion there was no cure and the little niggles my conditions give me are the ones that make me me….

Having a woolly mammoth for a pet would be pretty cool though…