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#CYW #Bluegreen

Tuesday 6th August 2019

By the time we reached the Island

lagoons – of blue green came into view

under these waters – fish and turtles

enjoying a paddle in the waters

glassy waters lapping up against the shore

resting in crevices of resident rocks

each one giving a home to

eager young hermit crabs…moving there

next to the sea, but away from the tide


Beach, Poetry


The tide is coming in

its wiping out the deftly deposited footprints

down shore

enveloping them in sea water


The tide is coming in

its tempting little toes

daintily dancing down the sand to

enter its cool waters


The Tide is coming in

its cartwheeling shells in its waves and

depositing them on the

edge of the dry bit of the beach


Beach, Emotions, Parks


Crowds sit in seaside hotels

All in a state – the beach is closed because of winds

Local kids cant fly their kites, say the lifeguards

Making the kids unhappy


Cause of the distress ?

All due to tomorrows weather forecast,

Look up to the air, at the clear blue sky

Maybe they’ve got it wrong – stop fretting.


Cold air’s coming in from the sea

And they say it’s going to whip up some huge waves

Look at the sea tonight though – gently lapping at the shore

Moments of sheer peace as you sit watching the moon


Cheerful thing is – there’s still chance to fly

At the local park across the way

Lets not get distressed, we can return to the beach tomorrow

Maybe, we could have some pancakes on our way home


The edge of the sea

Holidays, Nature, Poetry, Seaside

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A Ten line poem written by the author whilst on a Turkish Beach.

Foam clouds hit sand – they call it the tide..
the edge of the sea, where plants reside.
Turning around from blue into white,
crisp little waves – sharp and bright.
Landing from water, its goods and its wares,
disposing the sea of its rubbish without care.
As shellfish take ‘vantage of the coolness of th’sea,
cocky crustaceans run on th’sands wi some glee.
As seawater washes on the shells in the sand,
the edge of the sea makes everything grand