Welcoming Spring

#fowc #seasons #spring Something’s happening…. Perhaps, the mercury is moving in the thermometer, but Right about now, the bushes out in the garden are In the process of sprouting new flowers Not in full flower yet – however it’s Going to be bursting with colour when it happens

Mercury Rises (Again)

#weather #seasons #summer Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com Maybe there’s a change on the way expectations say – Odin is ready to throw a bolt or two rounded off with a clap of thunder – the weather angels cry at the very thought – particularly when the thermometer is up there in the thirties …


Something must have happened Until now – we’ve been told to stay indoors Move around only for Necessary Journeys Maybe those down at Whitehall saw the Elevated mercury from the thermometers on the wall – Reaction varied – from the reserved to just plain crazy The kids are acting as if they’ve never felt heat …

The return of Spring

Salford, 12th March 2019 I hear the mercury creeping up the kitchen thermometer but the boiler’s having none of it steam rising in the cold air from his friend , the kettle white mist still apparent from outside while red skies mix with blue as evening falls and the evergreens move in the breeze whilst …

Waiting for the springtime

17th March 2018 Sat in the toolshed on St Patricks Day Noting the barometer turned Over from Frosty to warm When all of a sudden the mercury goes into Fast flowing freefall And white powdery masses Land like leprechauns Lightly covering rooftops and cars