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Sat on the table,

with a note by its side

“Do Not Touch” – Says the label

that’s by the cake on the table

prepared by nephews, nanna and me

for little sisters birthday tea

But it looks so nice there – sat on its own

hungry Horace is a sneaking – but his cover is blown

he wonders into a very sweet dream

pondering chocolate and fondant and cream

Temptation makes him into the kitchen stray,

but Grandad’s in sitting room – and watches him sway

“No – one will know” , says Horace to himself,

till Grandad enters kitchen – putting cake on the shelf!!!

Food Poetry

Temptation (Revised)

One of the cakes in BASICs Café - Food for thought One of the cakes in BASICs Café – Food for thought

In response to the daily post prompt


It just sits there on the table –

with a note on the side

“DO NOT TOUCH!” (Says the label)

Leant against cake and table

Cake made by the three

Made specially for Tea

You wander into a very sweet dream,

Thinking what its like with custard or cream

It’s looking real scrumptious

Just sat on its own –

You sneak into the kitchen

but your covers been blown!

No one will know –

You convince yourself

But then Dad Comes in th’ kitchen

and puts cake on a high shelf!