Shocking Pink

#CYW #Shockingpink

Some said her entrance to the office was outstanding

Her manager definitely strayed an eye, as

Orange tones of the junior redhead

Changed overnight to something a little more brighter

Keen eyed males – made more visits to the typing pool

In an effort to woo her, but

Note – the new hairstyle was only for a short while

Going back to normal after the girls night out



#Fowc #Transient

Filling a gap in the road crew

in time for one of the team to

leave for a weekend break someplace sunny

local, so no big costs

in fact – he’s great for he’s

navigating tween assignments – you’re

going to see him again – that’s for sure

Nature Outdoors Parks Poetry Seasons

Falling leaves 🍁


Three fallen leaves, recovered from the local park - and used in Artwork!
Two leaves, lost by the trees in Autumn, and used in an arty sense! Photo: BFK

Autumn is a little bit odd for a deciduous tree

you see whilst the evergreens are keeping their leaves

the deciduous trees are getting ready to lose theirs

and slowly their leaves turn from green

to yellow, to red and then brown

and as they do, they drift in the air

before landing on the ground

Industrial Life Poetry Work



Salford 9th May 2017

A temporary thing

a fill in – a fix up

something to do the job

till the work can be properly done

or their workmate gets back off holiday

Thing is

it may only be there

for a minimal time

but while there

their work is invaluable

So raise a glass

to the guy or a girl

who’s filling a hole

to get you out of one