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Two tin cans

enable two small friends

to talk across a field of green

via a piece of string

The two tin cans

are replaced next morning

by little walkie talkie things

they talk to mum and dad

and as they talk

voices travel

through field and over hilltop

carried across telephone posts

Whilst letters travel,

as fast as light

converted into numbers and

sent by a web

Life Memories Treats

Spare Coins

In response to the prompt Spare

Salford, 28th May 2016


“Buddy, can you spare a dime ?”

Coins – they’re a wonderful thing

I can remember – as a small lad – being able to make a short ten minute conversation on the phone , all by feeding the BT box that powered the phone two pence pieces.

The phone box?  on the Corner in Tamworth Walk

The recipient ?  Grandad’s House across the road in Napier Street.

Salford seemed a much bigger place then –

10p – price of a mixed bag of sweets, sherbet drops to candied mice.

Now we’re in the age where that self same bag now costs a pound to purchase – it makes me struggle to see where we’ve got to – for i’d get change out of buying a comic out of that

but then they made the money different…the pound note became a coin and suddenly every single price was going up because of it

If I happen to see a lowly penny piece on the floor – abandoned – i’ll pick it up for as a wiser man than me once said

“The streets of your home city are paved with gold”

….Not Gold exactly – but copper and silver’s just as rewarding.