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  • Hoops

    #commonwealthgames #b2022 #birmingham #basketball #3×3 The ball travelled around the court as masters of their craft tried to score for their team With speed, and some grace the ball travelled toward the hoop sometime dropping through the net but others bouncing off the ring Clock ticking down as the scoreboard added points distance the all […]

  • Relay


    #Olympic #Relay #Running Racing to reach that golden finish line everyone has to do their bit to get their teams baton through last leg as important as the first and it’s crucial to keep a good grip of that metallic tube you drop it – you’ll be out of the race for a medal

  • Squad

    Salford, 28th April 2020 #Napowrimo #Sport Sports teams require more than the eleven put out on the pitch qualified physiotherapists, doctors and coaching staff up at the training venues ensure a match fit, well prepared team to do their thing when the ref blows his whistle

  • Grand Final

    Old Trafford, Manchester 2019 St. Helens V Salford or put it another way – flip it round David vs Goliath – St. Helens are the league champions, Salford had to come through the playoffs – and its 1st versus 3rd – A marvel in itself given the pundits had written Salford off at the start […]

  • Memories of London 2012 – Paralympics

    Salford August 2012 There have been a number of camps throughout the city, hosting athletes from many nations and in many sports in relation to the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Brazil were no different, and used venues up and down the city from the Regional Athletic Arena at Sportcity  to the Manchester Aquatics centre on Oxford Road. Athletes […]

  • Trust

    Trust Take it from me – its a big thing Relying on the guys keeping anchor at the top of the rocky mountain Until you dropped down over the basalt edge Something bit at you – should I believe this lot Till you realised – they’re holding the rope you’re tied to.

  • Capturing that star

    In response to Reach   Ready Team ? its time for your moment in the sun. Everyone is cheering you on – the prize is in sight As you enter the arena – its fever pitch as Cohorts of fans – push you towards your ultimate goal Handling that precious medal of Bronze, Silver or Gold […]