Acrostic Autumn Nature Poetry Seasons


#CYW #Chestnut

6th November 2019

Coming from two trees that hold its name

Horse and Sweet varieties exist

Each Autumn kids can be found playing games with conkers

Sweet fare created from the conkers sibling

Tartlets and pies and they’re even used at the Christmas table

Note however – you can’t eat the conker

Unless of course – you happen to be a squirrel

Though its easier if you find one – to plant it for a new tree.

Acrostic Food Poetry




taken as a snack or a pudding

a buttery biscuit base inlaid with

rich fruit jam in its centre

totally tasty at tea time


twist on the tale ?

a bake well places an almond sponge

right on top of the fruity bit

tempting nevertheless

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28th January 2017


#cyw #Almond #coloryourworld

Admittedly, I like Almonds….

Like – when they’re scattered liberally over a bakewell sponge or

Made in to powder, and mixed with other ingredients for marzipan

Overall, the taste is really great in a cake

Nutty and sweet – from the seed that escapes from that

Delicately pitted light brown casing

Some would say – they’re delicious! (especially in chocolate!)

Food Photography


Pour Some Sugar on Me

I’ll freely admit – I have a bit of a sweet tooth..

French Doughnut
Covered in Icing and Filled in with Custard – An ideal treat

Ice Buns, Chocolate Eclairs, Apple Pies, Chocolate Pudding – I’ll try the lot – if its a pie its even better with custard

However – My favourite pudding is Bakewell Tart

A Sweet Tartlet Base with Thick Raspberry Jam at its base and covered in an Almond Cake or sponge.  Really nice pudding that finishes off a meal wonderfully…you could add cream or custard but I like it as it is.  Full of almonds and lovely and moist

There are those who prefer the cherry variation of the classic – this is on sale from a well known baker, and covers the top of his tarts with fondant icing.  Decoration is nice to look at – but when in Bakewell, one sticks to tradition – abandoning the fondant…leaves the eater with only one conundrum – Custard or Cream ?

Food Photography


Covered in Icing and Filled in with Custard - An ideal treat
Covered in Icing and Filled in with Custard – An ideal treat

During my photography lessons at BASIC in Salford, We’ve been Concentrating on the sweet stuff…I’m partial to a doughnut or two – so the concentration level has been at a maximum….The pics we’ve generated will be used in BASIC’s café – “Food For Thought”…

Not one food item was consumed in the production of this (wipes cream from chin) #post #sic

One of the cakes in BASICs Café - Food for thought
One of the cakes in BASICs Café – Food for thought – A scrummy Strawberry Tart.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Treat.”

Food Fruit Strawberries

A Strawberry Vignette

Another silver winner – a tale of a strawberry – enjoy!


I started life,
all green, not red
I was difficult to find
amongst the pansies
mistaken for leaves.
Gardening Folk,
smiled at me.


I grew in the warmth
of a summer sun
My colour changed
a brilliant red.
Signals for gardeners
time for the picking


I was thrown in a basket
and headed for the coast
whilst others saw pans
and ended on toast
or in cases as tartlets
a tasty bake


Resplendent, Rich and Red
taken from my soily bed
washed and dressed, in dairy cream
a treat at wimbledon
a strawberries dream


Whilst others picked on the day
went another confectionery way
they ended up in sugar & cream
too pleasing, but alas
ended up – in a place that is freezing!

Acrostic Food Poetry


Brought to the fore by that Derbyshire town

Almonds in abundance in that wonderful spongey tart

Kept in the bakers front window

Everyone appreciates its fullsome flavour

When its brought out at afternoon tea

Each slice full of almonds and

Lashings of raspberry jam and topped with a

Layer of tasty icing