IWM North, September 2018 an acrostic poem by inkdrop, on the newest arrival in the Main exhibition space of IWM North in Trafford…. Made up at the Locomotion works in Bolton A Machine to bring terror to the enemies eyes Thundering across land and desert Hot on the tail of any enemy Infantry In time,Continue reading “Mathilda”

Long Goodbye

IWM North via Salford, 26th March 2018 We’re losing an old friend in a few days time. The Russian T-34 Tank , having spent 13 years in Greater Manchester, notedly around the Cold war area of the Main exhibition space, will be on its way back to its owner before heading off to pastures newContinue reading “Long Goodbye”

The Russian Tank

Greetings , Comrade! Have we met somewhere before? I’m a veteran of the second world war… You’ll recognise my number, I’m the T-34 In my vast solid frame, worked a brave crew of five My only aim – was to keep them alive On Russias front, we fought ‘gainst an enemy foe My strong tracksContinue reading “The Russian Tank”