#Socs #Ring

the noise of many things in the house

from the alarm clock that wakes you in the morning

to the egg timer ensuring your boiled egg is just right

and you daren’t miss the noise of some bells

no matter how noisy it is

the bells of the bakelite phone?

it’s your reletives on the end of the line – waiting to say hello

Two Squirrels


Promptuarium, 18th August

You meet all sorts in your local park

two furry vermine were scampering past the bowling green

when they both sought my advice on

where the tastiest seeds were

“The Hazel tree is off to the west,

but the Conker tree has started dropping its seeds”

I told them,

they paused , then headed for the conker tree

where they fed like kings

before nodding me a thank you

and scampering for some hazelnut dessert

Early morning conversation

Salford, 27th May 2017

A tale of early morning – beyond the window

As luna heads off to bed

and the stars drift off to sleep

the feathers start a moving

on the slates and tiles.

Discussions on the latest morsel

available today down by the quay

whilst little sparrows duck and dive on

new shoots of grass on the lawn, they see

Awaiting arrival of milk on the mat

getting to the silvertops before the cat

and heading in the air for a stretch of the wings

collective chorus engaged in a sing.



Two tin cans

enable two small friends

to talk across a field of green

via a piece of string

The two tin cans

are replaced next morning

by little walkie talkie things

they talk to mum and dad

and as they talk

voices travel

through field and over hilltop

carried across telephone posts

Whilst letters travel,

as fast as light

converted into numbers and

sent by a web


In response to the prompt


Speak softly – don’t yell

for there’s a tale to tell

keep message clear – it’ll make people think

and the message might go out and make a link


Yelling out Stories

just gives listeners a pain

it might be important

but they wont hear it again


So keep calm and low

and resist thoughts to shout

and people might listen

as your message goes out.

The conversant cat

A post for
Literate for a Day

It came as a bit of a shock for Auntie M.

She’d just put out a tin of sardines for her cat, Tiddles when it happened

He pitter-pattered into the kitchen, took a look at his lunch – and instead of meowing – asked her a question

Can I have Corned Beef Instead, Mummy ?”

Dazed by a state of surprise, she dashed down to the Grocer to get some.

And whilst Tiddles munched on his new lunch – Auntie M phoned Mum

At Home mum picked up the phone “Have you taken your tablets Auntie M ?” Mum asked, sounding concerned

“Look, I’m as sane as the next woman” She replied “Tiddles is Talking!!”

The family was bundled off into the car and made their way to Auntie M’s

By the time we’d arrived, Tiddles was sleeping off his new found dinner in his pet basket.  Dad picked up the big furry pussycat and looked at him closely – Tiddles returned the favour – giving Dad one of those looks as if to say “Put one hand too close – you’ll get a paw in the mush!”.”He looks OK to me..” said dad ….” are you sure you didn’t hear the TV?”

“No! He talked I tell you”, Auntie M protested ” just like I’m talking to you now!”

“Barmy!” said Dad

Mum then cut into the conversation -“Now Luv, Don’t talk to Auntie M like that – think of the kids..”

Dad looked at Mum – then at Auntie M then at the Cat – “It’s got to be said…I’ve never heard such…”

The raised voices were broken by my little sister, giggling away happily in her buggy.

“what you need is some fresh air…Auntie M…we’re taking Anne to the park for a ride in her buggy” – she paused – “Do you want to come ?”

“But what about Tiddles ?”

“Your Nephew can look after him…come on, you’ll enjoy it!”

reluctantly , Auntie M went down to the park with the rest of the family

Tiddles jumped on to my lap as I sat on the sofa – he looked up at me and smiled.

Silly old puss. I thought. What have you done to give Auntie a fright ??  Tiddles just sat in my lap, purring away.  He seemed to like sitting there.

I turned the Telly on to watch the rest of the Saturday morning cartoons

Up in the clear blue sky was the moon – perfectly round and bright as a button

“Spooky thing is the moon in the day…” I said, Thinking aloud, as I rubbed Tiddles neck…he was purring contently

I Know!” came the reply

I leapt out of the seat and tiddles went upwards in the air and landed paws first on his cat cushion

“sorry about that…”, he said from the cushion, “but it needed to be said”

And then he explained it – Once every year around the time of the full moon, Tiddles and the other cats in the street could talk – like their owners.  However , being the shy retiring type – Tiddles had been building up the courage to talk to Auntie M – and gave her a fright in the kitchen

So instead of talking to Auntie M – Tiddles and I talked…we talked about Cats (Naturally) and Fish and Treats , reasons why balls of wool beat any catnip mouse, what his favourite foods were (certain pet foods just will not do)  and the special time when the moon appeared full in the sky.

I’m going to miss talking like this…”  Tiddles sighed “That’s the saddest thing about it

“Tell you what” I said ” I’ll come and visit you – and you can tell me all about your day when I visit”

That’ll be nice!” said Tiddles “I Tried talking to that nice Persian Blue next door but I didn’t get anywhere with her…”

Puzzled, I asked the furry pussycat..”Why’s that Tiddles ?”

Tiddles put his paws over his eyes and gave a meow

She talks foreign!”