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  • Commonwealth

    #commonwealth #games #sport #culture #Queen They’re meeting up in Birmingham like Glasgow and Manchester before to take part in the friendly games and go for medals galore From Canada and Australia they’ll gather and from Caribbean Islands they’ll meet to take part in a number of sporting events some that are down your street And […]

  • First in the water

    #nature #winter #swimming While the rest were going about their morning routine this brave soul decided to take the plunge into the northern waters fed by the Mersey and Medlock Water, skiddy in places, where jack frost had turned it to ice but with all those feathers, he was well waterproofed and ready for his […]

  • Fish


    #Fowc #Fish Free flowing water is the home to some of the most sensational creatures – helping themselves under sea Flying through the water its an artform in itself – sometimes they sail through the air holding their breath for the briefest of seconds Formation of shoals is a kind of “safety in numbers” Some […]

  • Deeper


    #writephoto #deeper Salford 11th February 2021 Daring – is what they all called it even more water than the local swimming pool everyone egging the challenger on to jump perhaps – it wasn’t such a great idea to do this after the pub trip entry into the water would be fine, it was returning to […]

  • Sparrows


    #Napowrimo San Rafael Algarve Portugal, 2017 Surrounding the border of the hotel swimming pool petite full feathered friends are creating their own kind of waves roaming around the water and cooling off as ripples are created as they outlandishly divebomb on the waters edge before surfacing above the sunbathers

  • Swimming Lessons

    Swimming Lessons

    Salford Quays, 14th July 2018 a tale of the first time in the canal…from one of the goslings….Interpreted by Inky 🙂 It’s a bit hard stepping out from the little nursery pool to the great big vast waterway but at least my family are nearby mum and dad watching proudly on no water wings required […]

  • Particular

    Particular Take a day, any day And a place, any place Now take a time, any time and capture it Freeze frame in your memory That was the day you ate that Sandwich at the quayside cafe and saw brave souls in Frogsuits dive headlong in the eerie deep waters of a Salford Canal Basin […]

  • Shallow

    Salford, 29th July 2017 Shallow Some say its easy, splashing your feet along the sea on a Hot summers day, but its important to be Aware of your surroundings Lots of people like to dive into that Long stretch of blue water – Only they know their limitations When they wade into it – don’t […]

  • Legacy


    Salford, 11th March 2016 In response to the Daily Post Prompt Legacy They say a Legacy is something left behind after you are gone. Something to remember you by. This is definitely true for the Legacy of the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002. You see, it may have been a short sports competition, smaller than […]

  • The Paralympian

    The Paralympian

    I watched the Sun Arising on a new dawn as the greats arrived at our “little place” The Superstars performing with style and with grace Teams talking tactics were out in the hall the teams with the skill with two types of ball And Hammers were set and run ups aligned as instructions were relayed […]