Tag: Surprise

  • Guess Who?

    #WDYS Someone you haven’t seen for a while is Up in your neck of the woods – travelling up Roads and hills to say Hello Purpose of the visit – they missed you Reactions ? as you would expect In fact, there’s a big hug coming your way – followed by Something special happening later […]

  • Real


    This ain’t no pulp fiction Or a work from Shakespeare Candid Cameras aren’t hiding round to jump up and appear Events they are a happening this can’t be called “Fake News” Competitors are going for the medals Commentators – are blowing a fuse For favourites are being shown the door whilst outsiders pick up Gold […]

  • Box

    #Socs #Box So, as you raided the tree navigating all the pressies to get to your own, did you take care to check the big red box at the side of the tree ? Pleasant surprise resides inside for you even the family dog wants you to see what’s inside except – though its from […]

  • Iceberg

    #Writeclub #Iceberg Iceberg In the watery depths – it waitsCold hearted assassinEngaging its preyBoats don’t stand a chance…Even when clad with mighty armour – They’reRounded up as they try to escape – and attacked,Grounded – or Sunk If wide eyed Captains don’t open their Eyes – the crew they work with will get a surprise […]

  • Can

    Salford, 14th November 2019 #fowc #can Container – made of Aluminium – containing something Nice, Fruity and Fizzy Cornucopia of flavours held back by A steel ring pull Now Chillin’ in a cool space Could be a surprise upon opening A release of the fizz under pressure Nobody knowing what happens next – take cover!

  • Blush (V3)

    In response to the Colour your world challenge Something caught you unawares red tinge around your cheeks perhaps you weren’t expecting it rosy complexion brought to your face its not embarrassment – somethings just made your heartbeat elevate that little bit quicker

  • Post Christmas Pressies

    #Christmas #Hidden #Sweets 7th January 2019 I received an extra present yesterday. I’d been wandering what dad was going on about when he mentioned an extra present at the end of Christmas time I’d enjoyed seeing the brightly coloured baubles on the Christmas tree, especially the new larger ones. They were twinkly inside. I just […]

  • Thursday Afternoon 4PM

    #Weekendcoffeeshare Sat in a coffee house of Italian Style Giving my feet a rest for a while having traversed the floor of a great gallery my feet need a rest – and I start to agree   I order a late lunch – between two bread rolls and sit down at table to rest up […]

  • Hidden Intentions

    Conceal A piece of prose by the author, in response to the Prompt   What is that hiding behind your back ? Something you do not want seen – hidden away Who’s that for ?  What’ve you bought now? Your face reveals nothing but a beaming smile Clues abundant – around the house Icing sugar and poster paint […]