Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon

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The sun set on the sand , that summers night,
heading to brighten another place bright.
It slowly went behind the sea
and shimmered on waters, in front of me
The sky changed colour from blue to red,
and slowly the sun dipped its head.
And as the sun dipped behind the bay
stars of afar began to display.
It took a while to make a mark
the moon appearing in an arc.
A carpet of stars appeared from up high
twinkling as I passed them by
and water in the bay, reflected the light
of the new moon that lit up the night.

Purple Mountains

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Derwentwater, Keswick,  Lake district, UK

There’s something almost magical

about the Lake water here at sunset

I don’t know myself – what it might be

but as the sun pops down behind trees

the hills and the water take on a purple like hue

bring out colours of heathers that’s grew

up on the hillsides where the flocks of herdwick sheep

are resting till morning, quite sound asleep


Seaside, Seasons, Summer, Sunset

This poem has been included in a Forward Poetry Publication,  feel free to read all about it here

A tale of a sunset

The pebbles on the shore
were picked up and stacked
for skimming on the sea

Stacked in care
precariously balanced
the wind made them wabble

The sun watched as
it created shadowy silhouettes
around the sandy shore

Till the tide turned
and the stack on the shore
alerted the little ones

The pebbles on the shore,
told the children playing on the sand
it was time for dinner