Horizon II

#Fowc #Horizon #HorizonII Half way tween the earth and the sky On which the sun exchanges places with the moon Reality is although you can see it In your eye line – you’ll find it impossible to reach Zero degrees – and its all so far away On the occasion you’ve reached your destination –Continue reading “Horizon II”

Sun travel

#Weather #Poetry Ra passed by his friends the clouds as the earth turned Northern skies from Day to Dusk in travelling from west to east newly formed stratus went pink in surprise by ra’s disappearance to a temperature rise out on eastern skies began the day while in northern skies moon and stars they playedContinue reading “Sun travel”

Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon

Another tale poached from my repository at Allpoetry.com by me – Hope you Like it The sun set on the sand , that summers night, heading to brighten another place bright. It slowly went behind the sea and shimmered on waters, in front of me The sky changed colour from blue to red, and slowlyContinue reading “Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon”

Sunset – Part I

#CYW #Coloryourworld #Orange #Red #Sunset The sun turned bright red as the moon showed its face, it came out of nowhere and was sat in its place “I’m late!” cried the sun – who dipped behind the sea to reach other side of earth for breakfast and tea and children amazed and asked parents why with MrContinue reading “Sunset – Part I”