#CFFC #Patterns I like patterns you can find them all around you, whether its in nature , or in your home furnishings in a mural or a picture I Volunteer at Imperial War Museum North, in Manchester, and a key place you spot patterns are in the camouflaged objects around the exhibition space Most camouflageContinue reading “Patterns”

Sugarcube (Structure II)

Structure Sat in a bowl, on the dining room table Up by the milk and the teapot Grains of sweetness cling together like Army platoons – forming a Regular shaped solid Created to provide something to cut through the Underlying bitterness of your tea, coffee, or even chocolate Because to many the original product needsContinue reading “Sugarcube (Structure II)”


  Structure  Saturday afternoon tea toasted tea cakes have to be done just so or right royal rumpuses will take place up on the fine China service choice bites of savoury stuff are taken from the porcelain platters unless you’re of a certain age…as raspberry fancies meet a swift but happy end. every wonder servedContinue reading “Structure”


#coloryourworld #cyw #beaver Brilliant builder of wood based dams Each one of your structures an individual masterpiece As you carefully create each one from surrounding forests Very careful in your construction, – from End to end , each twig and branch fits to create a Riverside home – fit for any waterside family