#memories Many a happy time Enjoyed on the shoreline Munching away at the contents Of a well prepared picnic basket Roast chicken sandwiches and strawberry tarts Iced buns and banana pudding…. Eaten on a camp blanket, by a rocky shelter Somewhere where the sardines are safe from the local seagulls Another poem on Memory :Continue reading “Memories”

Banana Split

Flavorful Served up in a glass bowl Wonderful fruit combines with frosty ice cream Everyone smiling as the bananas are Enveloped by the Ice cold tastes of strawberry and chocolate and cream Together – as they melt and mingle – they make a heavenly delight

Wild Strawberry

#coloryourworld #cyw #wildstrawberry #reds #fruit #nature   Hiding away in bushes and hedgerows little red berries await to be found playing peek-a-boo under the greens nothing much like their wimbledon cousins their juicyness comes from being free in the wind pleasant if you pick them at the perfect time tasty enough without sugar and creamContinue reading “Wild Strawberry”

Shocking pink

#coloryourworld #cyw #shockingpink luminosity released this colour on the world to highlight a word or two is brilliant carnations and roses in this colour beautiful but was it fair to plaster it across soccer and rugby shirts 👚 up and down the land I prefer to see pink in my strawberry ice cream 🍦 butContinue reading “Shocking pink”