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The Visitor

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Living down in the depths of the deep

this merman surfaced – from the water he leaped

to replace some greenery that fell in the sea

the hedgerows and bushes, the occasional tree

And he made some friends – with the kids from the shore

learning about the fallen plants and more

they were growing their flowers and he was keen

to share details of sea plants that he had seen

So during the months and days that passed by

the merman kept watch on the cliffs and the sky

while the birds and the humans enjoyed the scene

the lovliest spot there had ever been.



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Salford, 3rd April 2020

Take a germ of an idea

give it identity

a place to live

a routine, neighbours, friends

add other characters into the mix

allow actions to take place

interaction, work, sport and even – a social life

What happens next ? – that’s down to you

Your hand on the tiller of the ship of the character

Flight of Fancy ? Perhaps…..

That’s writing, that’s Fiction



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Reading some tittle-tattle in the morning press ?

Unless there’s something that sticks – don’t worry! – It’ll

Make wonderful wrapping for fish suppers tomorrow

Of course – these things come from your actions

Reality will make you make a statement if its true

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Six words – Waiting

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Sat out of the weather, Waiting


Six Word Story : Arrogance

No Denials : You Did it Anyway


Six Word Story : Surface

What was buried Underneath ? Nobody knew.

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Tale of a tower crane

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A Tower crane. on Salfords Trafford Road, the subject of this character piece
A Tower crane. on Salford’s Trafford Road, the subject of this character piece Created by Inky

Do you like building? well, I do! I’m stood amongst my creations, with my great arm, aloft in the air.  It’s a thankless task this job I do, but you’ll never hear me complain – oh, no, no, no.  You see, the ants down below are building something grand!  And although a pot of sand doesn’t weigh a lot for an ant, when there’s thirty or forty pots in just one bag – and there’s a big wooden palette of a thousand bags to be taken to the fifteenth floor, it can be a great strain on a whole host of ants.

And that’s where my friend’s the four-wheelers come in,  You see. The ants use the four-wheelers to move things around, FLT lifts things about whilst Dumper moves all sorts of things around the site, and Mix – well you should see her make concrete…and Digger is just the four wheeler for making holes

But they haven’t got a great arm like me…

So I help them, and they help me.

And that’s where my great arm comes in to play

You see, the four wheelers do great things but even FLT can only lift so high, so when I’m needed, I move things from east to west, and up and down.  It’s great fun watching the things move in the air.  I watch the things as they move with grace through the air.   Its like being a magician…one minute the bricks are here and the next, they are there!  One place to another – From A to B.  It’s all me.  I have lots of fun moving the sand and the bricks and the steel.

But, I have to be careful when I play my game of “Stack and Lift”, so I have a little ant to help me.  Each morning, he wakes me up. and when it’s time for me to do my thing, he directs to the next building blocks and tells me which ant or four wheeler I need to get them to.

And when the day is over, and the ants have left for the day, as the four wheelers sleep I stand and watch the lights cascading on the things I’ve helped to make.  Before its time for the lights to go out and for me to go to sleep, I watch the glow worms shine their lights about below.  It’s fun to watch them moving about but they’re not as pretty as the moon and stars beaming brightly above my head.

So I watch them for a while, and then I go to sleep,

with my great arm high in the air.


Six word story : Faint

The chancellor got his wallet out

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30th October 2016

A tale by Brian F Kirkham (inkdrop) in response to the Daily post prompt


There was a lad called Gulliver

who’s parents were reliant

related to the Beanstalk Jack

(the one who killed the Giant)

Compared to Jack – He wasn’t that tall

and by the beanstalk he looked quite small

he went exploring off to the sea

as well as looking for summat for tea

His boat was harshly hit to and fro,

and young Gulliver washed up on shore in the snow

“We’ve got you!” said a little man he saw by his side

but he couldn’t rise up – he tried and he tried

His hopes of escape

they were dashed by the small

tied by ropes to the ground

he couldn’t move at all

And so he did sleep – until on one day

his strength did return and the ropes they gave way

But his boat it were broken so he sent Dad a letter

“Will be home soon” he said “When boat it is better”

So soon they were friends – Gulliver and Small

and the Islanders were grateful he really was tall

as Gulliver harvested crops in the day

a yearful’s supply – so the villagers could play.


Six word Wonder

In response to

Subject: Observation

Watch closely, the prize has vanished


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