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Somethings Brewing…..(Photo prompt from Sue Vincent)

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Something told you it wasn’t going to be a

Terrific idea to venture onto the hills today, but

Of course you were out voted – as you and your pals

Rambled up the public footpath, seeking out paradise –

Maybe you could discuss what you found in that shelter – Atop the hill



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Someone got a wild idea, while the waves hit the harbour wall

There’s fish for the taking! so out they went. travelling

Over every high wave and breaker

Reality ? the fish they caught – though many, were

Mightily small – hardly good enough for the ships cat.

Acrostic Weather

Storm II


Something, they say, is brewing

The clouds of cirrus are circling, and getting bigger in the wind

Over the heads of everyone , whether on land or sea

Rain isn’t forecast for today – but tomorrow ?  they’re saying torrential.

Maybe its best, if we just lay anchor – and Batten down the hatches.

Acrostic Poetry Sailing



Sent to put fear up the most hardy of crewmen

The wind and rain combine to create an almighty concoction

Onward gales gather in the sheets of a ships sails

Raging waves collide against the hull

Maybe, it wasn’t so wise to set sail tonight after all.