Salford, 23rd February 2019 They could be mistaken for spaghetti but these wiggly worms are made of sterner stuff egg yellow gives you a clue of their content clumped together in a group they drop into steaming water – with a drop of oil they swim around till they soften till they’re joined by theContinue reading “Noodles”


Messy It might look like world war three has arrived in the kitchen but in reality , a masterpiece has been created sticky fingers and flour dust on kitchen tops even more on the cupboard doors and floor colourful paintwork adorned on the table tops while the finished article hangs on the refrigerator door andContinue reading “Messy”

The Power of Touch

<a href=””>The Power of Touch</a> It’s a powerful little thing that digit of yours. As it touches the things around you, its little tiny nerve endings are sending messages to your brain The soup is hot , the ice cream is cold and so on But then there’s so much more The feel of the barkContinue reading “The Power of Touch”