Up High

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Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Giants Causeway, Ireland

Ascending the hexagonal steps

didn’t seem that much of a bother

till you noticed with each little step

the distance tween the step you were on

and the step you left got that little bit higher

Giant’s causeway it may be

but its an awful way down

to get back for tea

Architecture Buildings Poetry



Creepy limestone steps

turning and twisting

rising up higher and higher

as they meet daylight

Ascending the steps

a bit of a task

be careful as you climb

and look out for those handholds

Walls wet from last nights rain

Dawn showing sunlight

from an open door

that isn’t there

Sunshine – a promise

of what lies ahead

what’s at the top ?

enjoy the view


Steps II


Some say its a bit of a slog

taking in all the paces in the initial ascent

expect a surprise when you reach the top

positioned on the other side –

steps going the other way, just watch your footing

Accidents Acrostic Poetry



Steps : Image for writephoto by Jemima Pett

Sailing up and down any stairwell – isn’t as easy as you think

Tumbling down stairs is easily done – if you don’t look where you’re going

Even the shortest of steps can make you fall, so attention needs to be made

Position your feet in the right spot – and watch your acceleration

Someone might be coming down as you are going up – take care

Animals Home Poetry



Salford, 19th September 2017


by Brian F Kirkham

little puss woken by mother,

now wants to walk outside

bright lights ahead

he wants to explore

so his little paws touch

the living room floor