Favourite Constellation

Now, here’s a funny thing.

I’m responding to #stellarandlunar and their question

what’s my favourite constellation?


It depends what angle you’re looking at the night sky.

As an old scout, the first set of stars I look for in the night sky is the plough – it looks like a barrow and once you’ve found it, it sets you on the way to finding the North Star.  Once you’ve found Polaris (the north star) a short alteration of your compass gives you “True North”

(My fellow wordpressers in the southern hemisphere – you may have a different method and i’d be interested in hearing on your take on directions from the stars)

However – there are other constellations that catch my eye

Around Chinese new year – i’ll go looking for the Ox in the sky – its a Chinese Horoscope symbol and it too has its own set of stars

As for the traditional zodiac…Aries the ram (my star sign – apparently) is up there with the other animals like Taurus the Bull and Capricorn the goat…Aries is a Fire Symbol so when i’m looking – i’ll keep my eyes open for Earth’s neighbour Mars , which can be seen on certain times of the year.

And Finally, being a fan of all things Ursinian (Paddington, Winnie the Pooh and all),  I’ll look out for Ursa Major – the Great Bear and his little friend Ursa Minor.

And when I’ve seen all the animals in the sky – i’ll head off to hibernate till morning.