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  • Something tiny that changes everything

    Something tiny that changes everything

    #Writeclub #Napowrimo #Nature #Life #Water with a nod to Mark @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A small cloud went on a wonder from the west down to the east II A Small Seed was planted by a child helping her mum and dad III The small cloud watered the spot where the small seed […]

  • Fissure


    #Fowc #Fissure They drilled a small hole to get to the treasures hidden below The hole let in water and lava from below and the small hole it moved and began to grow and as lava met water it created steam creating a water funnel in the extreme and the lava it cooled filling the […]

  • Fairies


    #Napowrimo #Photo #Cup #Coffee #tea What’s that coming out of my cup of chai ? colorful things rise and fly up and down and round about following the trail of the steam spout far into the air they fly and rise like colourful luminous butterflies captured by the camera’s eye before out of the kitchen […]

  • Carriage

    #fowc #carriage Sat by the platform it waits for the sign as gentlemen and ladies alike now make their way to their furnished cabins a wonderful journey to places wonderful lakes mountains and streams – but they have to wait for the flag

  • The return of Spring

    Salford, 12th March 2019 I hear the mercury creeping up the kitchen thermometer but the boiler’s having none of it steam rising in the cold air from his friend , the kettle white mist still apparent from outside while red skies mix with blue as evening falls and the evergreens move in the breeze whilst […]

  • Tritina for Railways

    Tritina for Railways

    York , April 7th 2016 Having visited the National Railway Museum in York today, I’ve been inspired to write this Tritina in honour of the railways….enjoy .   P.S. Comes with Flying Scotsman Pic! Opposite the Flying Scotsman – Bill, Nigel and Joe #Napowrimo #Blogging101 #Railways #York The Horses came down the country Roads Delivering by cart […]

  • Chocolate Dreams

    A poem from 2015….the first post of 2016 Happy new year, WordPressers! The chocolate fell at speed into the vortex of swirling bubbling milk Steam from Frothy Velvety Milk rose delightfully transporting Orange Chocolate scents into the air Rising like bubbles of Mississippi Mud Happy Hippopotamuses Mused Perfect end of the day before hitting Purple […]