Christmas Food Poetry

Simple supper

Salford, 29th December 2018

Some would say it’s grand, but

If you looked at it from recent fare … its

Meagre, though oh so satisfying

Plain bit of steak…grilled and cut into three and

Lovingly coupled with some Tomatoes

Eggs and fried onion

Food Poetry

Meat pie

They lined up down the street

For a chance they got one

The kids on the grapevine

Whispering the news

The meat pies are in

The boys from baxendale

Made young men smile

As a waft of meat

Travelled from the chip shop

The meat pies were in

And wrapped up with chips

And a dash of chip shop vinegar

Young lads would follow their dads

Delivering Friday nights tea

The meat pies were in

Food Poetry

Transported to heaven

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Steak and Kidney Pudding

A Northern English Six Word Poem –

“Pudding and Chips – I’m in Heaven”

Acrostic Food



The origins of the humble sandwich date back to the time, where apparently, a noble of the realm of HM Queen was too busy gambling in order to go and eat…so he told his servants to stick his steak tween two bits of bread and bring it to him

that noble was the Earl of Sandwich … And that’s what exists today

Salad is always a good starter

anchovies add a bit of saltiness

neopolitan ham is great … But fish fingers work well

dont forget tomatoes….great with corned beef

when combining flavours be careful…some chillis can kill delicate meats

ham and brown sauce is a classic, but fried onions work too

if you feel adventurous , how about some eastern flavours?

chinese chicken and chicken korma come diced … But seperately

having the two together ? Might be a bit much

everyone enjoys a sandwich….it’s something

special that everybody young or old can make

Food Treats

Puddings from my backyard

In response to the prompt Local Flavor

Salford, 26th June 2016

You mention the word pudding to me and i’ll ask you a basic question

Sweet or Savoury ?

You see, regular readers of this blog know I hail from that part of North West England known as Greater Manchester – or if you’re post Manchester County – I’m a Salford Lad from Lancashire.

Now the region I live in is the home to some fantastic traditional recipes, ranging from Lancashire Hotpot to Traditional Sunday Roast. But in addition to pies and pasties (which we adopted from our Cornish cousins) we also have Savory puddings

These are round suet pastry parcels which are filled (in the whole) with Steak and Kidney and then steamed in a water bath before being served up with vegetables of your choosing…Cut them open after cooking and the juices from the meat turn into a rich gravy. They go well with any vegetable – but nip to the local chippy and you’ll find them in the whole sold with chips.


They go down nicely with a drop of HP Sauce.

Of course – we also have puddings in a sweet sense too. Sponge is my favourite (its a cake), again it can be steamed , but some people prefer their sponges oven baked – so whatever layer your sponge cake looks like comes out like the top layer is protected. Various fruits can go into a sponge cake, everything from Bananas to Apples, my particular favourite – Strawberry Jam particularly if its served with Vanilla Custard. A delicious Tea time treat.

regional favourites from the area ? There’s the regional variation on the tartlet, with jam and sponge covered in marzipan fondant in bakewell whilst up the road, in greater Manchester, the sponge goes and the jam is layered with custard and coconut.

And my favourite school dinner pudding when I was younger – Chocolate Sponge and Chocolate Custard.


Braising Steak

18th feb 2016, Salford.


I’ve just had the most yummiest of evening meals

(Apologies if there are any vegetarians reading this passage!)

The meal’s cooking and preparation started just as I made my way to Imperial War Museum North.  Dad took a pack of braising steak, sprayed a little oil on it, added two stock cubes – and a little water and left it in the oven on a low temperature.

Meanwhile – I was at the museum, assisting with visitor enquiries

Upon my return, I was greeted by pots of green vegetables, Potatoes and Yams all cooking away on the hob.  A glorious smell was coming from the oven.

From time to time, Dad returned to the oven to turn the meat when necessary.  By now the water in the pan had mixed with the fat from the meat and the stock cubes to create a delicious gravy.

It was served up at tea time with the vegetables – end result – empty plates