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  • Statue

    I began life as a granite block hewn from a northern cliff – leaving mum wasn’t fun the grand artist and i got on for a while as he and his team chipped away at me creating a monument to a local dignitary it was warm in the workshop and hard as i am his […]

  • The road cones lament

    #Blogging101 #Napowrimo #Day16 #Almanac poem Hi readers!  Today’s Almanac challenge on Naprowrimo.net has given me the perfect opportunity to pull out of my notebook box, a character piece set in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens…during the time of recent anti-austerity protests. (A tale not told of any human, but a road-cone!!!) The Road Cone’s Lament It’s really windy […]

  • The Road Cone’s Lament

    The Road Cone’s Lament

    You know, it’s windy today!  It feels so cold! Autumn’s leaves surround me in Red, Bronze and Gold, and I stand here today, lofted high in the air… on a city fathers’ head – Does anybody care? I look out for the public, round the holes I can see but those public around, are looking […]

  • Captured in a Moment

    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Immortalized in Stone.” Sat at a writing desk telling a tale making readers smile without fail. No ink to speak of, a laptop instead writing down memories that they’ll read of – when dead. Legacy strong – held now in trust Your own self portrayed in a […]

  • Still Resting

    A silver medal winner on Allpoetry – A Tale of a Garden Fountain. The centrepiece of the garden Lies sleeping amongst The creepers and weeds Dreaming of a time When she was adored By men and women alike The water in her pool Drained away Replaced by Neptunes blessing And where little ones Used to […]