Tag: Stars

  • Unstoppable


    unstoppable this first line is now history.. That is a fact.  For until a timelord lands in Salford tomorrow morning and plonks his TARDIS on the front lawn, I will be another day older when the sun rises in the morning. The planets and moons will still turn around our sun and the flora and fauna […]

  • Heavens Above!

    A piece of found poetry – using sources from that well known typing error Mr Spike Milligna! Hope you enjoy the read   Heavens Above In time – the sodium lamps fade, like a fire out in the reaches of space up in the night sky.   A central point of fire and ice waits […]

  • Flight


    #stellarandlunar Fear not, dear Friends Lights you can see – are the stars far awee In case we should go – into a UFO Galactic suits are provided with boots Hope you do enjoy the Flight Towards the moon – all shining bright    

  • Good Companion

    Oh little resting place of mine set among forest of green lashed down on the grassland in space of trees between. Your A-Frame and Flysheet, are a real treat, against the clouds you cannot be beat. And under your flysheet is perfect, for drying boots after ‘ hike as raindrops drain down, into gully of […]

  • Another trip to Neverland…

    With me visiting hospital recently this poem brought back some memories! I hit the pillow, drift off to sleep and then out of the window, with bears do I leap. Onto a ship on its way to the clouds shiny and bright with its crew that are proud. Off to a place, hidden behind stars […]