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  • Seasons First

    #WDYS Kitten watched the stalk of green in the courtyard travelling towards the sky tickling his little paws as he engages the plant counting the number of leaves appearing on the stalk

  • Magic Money Tree

    Magic Money Tree

    #writephoto A little lad threw a pound coin down into rich brown soil his dad sat watching smiling as the lad he worked and toiled But one day, in the summer to everyone’s surprise a stalk of silver colour started to arise and when the plant did flower to the little lads glee Blue and […]

  • Lavender


    #coloryourworld #cyw #lavender #nature #poetry like most flowers, this plant has a most delightful aroma, which is released when you pass its light violet stalks. each stalk contains an individual note of delightful fragrance, leading to every butterfly in the garden returning to your flowers to gain another sniff