Through the cracks


The multi storey car park

was now under “New Ownership”

Demolition squads turned on their heels

as vines and creepers wrapped themselves

around the concrete pillars

and where the fast and the furious

parked their wonder cars

carpets of wildflowers –

occupied each floor

now resident to squirrel, mole, rat and beaver

abandoned by the humans

taken over by mother nature esquire.

Animals Nature Outdoors


#fowc #falling

From a considerable height

an acorn and his chums

launched themselves off a

leafy covered tree

in wait, the local wildlife

now waiting for the fruits of the tree, aided by


Acrostic Nature Poetry


#fowc #lean

tree, created from orginal photo by inky

like a rocket the shoots of the tree

extended out to the sky

and as it did – the winds blew it gently to and fro

now the trees arms are nearer to the squirrels than the birds

Garden Nature Poetry

The “Green” Bin

#CFFC #Pink

It’s hidden away

the muncher of the grass clippings

but easily spotted

if you know where to look

The Acer and the conifers smile

as the backyard waste control

engages with the garden ornaments

in a game of hide and seek

Garden Fairies Giggle

as his strawberry coloured hat

tells every bird and squirrel

exactly where he is

But One day – what’s this?

He seems to have disappeared

Wondering beyond the rock garden

That’s weird.

He’s been emptied out

by the big white van

to turn the clippings to biofuel

that’s the plan.

Animals Garden writing

Chasing squirrels

Photo by Sergey Okhrymenko on

They raise attention,

about half past eight

each morning

scampering out of

their garden hideyholes

just to say hello

Finding a little

something to have for breakfast

or maybe luncheon

even when i can’t get out

i see them darting round the cul – de – sac

on a hunt for nuts

And when i can move my feet

i often see them round the street

ascending up a bush or tree

and i look at them – as they look at me


Lazy Squirrel


I’d never considered

this particular rodent

at all lazy

That’s till i saw

two particular greys

managing their stores

for while the hard worker

climbed the trees for hazelnuts

the lazy one simply took one from the bottom of his pals pile

Could you call him lazy?

or extremely clever

grabbing the spoils for half the effort



My mind was focused on two large pine cones

engaged in a race under an iron bridge

determined to reach the other side

in order

to beat the other to the bank

a force of nature willing them on

to reach the end before their friend

if you were wondering who won

of course – it was neither – it was the squirrels

now nibbling on them at the end of the bank

Acrostic Autumn Nature Poetry Seasons


#CYW #Chestnut

6th November 2019

Coming from two trees that hold its name

Horse and Sweet varieties exist

Each Autumn kids can be found playing games with conkers

Sweet fare created from the conkers sibling

Tartlets and pies and they’re even used at the Christmas table

Note however – you can’t eat the conker

Unless of course – you happen to be a squirrel

Though its easier if you find one – to plant it for a new tree.

Acrostic Animals Poetry


Octpowrimo, 29th October 2018

Signs that winter is on its way

Quite inquisitive fellow made his way across the garden fence

Under the fir trees and around the hyacinths

In search, of something

Round , red brown, and tasty to

Restock his larder for winter

Every now and then looking around, protecting his hide

Looking for morsels in every inch of the garden

Acrostic Nature Poetry

The master thief



Sitting halfway up a tree

Quietly observing his target

Unaware they’re being watched

In an Instant he’s jumping, and flying

Rolling about on the picnic blanket and

Ravishing the goodies laid out before him

Escaping back the way he came – and raising a smile

Loathe him ? some might, but he is a cheeky chappie.