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  • Courtyard

    #WDYS In the sunshine of the courtyard lies a deserted square quiet as a mouse there’s not a soul there they’re sitting in the offices or parading – firing their guns so the columns cast their shadows out in the noonday sun

  • Mirror Man

    Mirror Man

    #FFFC #Mirror #Man Manchester, 7th October 2019 A tale of a street performer, inspired by Fandango’s Picture in the Flash Fiction Challenge He Stands on his spot, on the grass in the square, doing his thing while the others stare. Today it is sunny, so today – there’s a crowd with his occasional movement they […]

  • Musical Fixings

    Musical Fixings

    A piece for the prompt Transmogrify Left over bits from the scrapyard, Bits from a box full of fixings. Nuts and bolts mingle with springs and old allen keys, brought together on a square by the craftsman – bringing a magical musical fellow to life. No need to go nuts for your previous existence play […]

  • Playground

    Ode to a Playground Ode to a playground by Brian F Kirkham It’s all covered up now buried in mortar and brick the price of progress A square plot an oasis of fun set in a Salford Square Swings See-saws and Stumps Situated by Streets Settled by Kids Bonbons and Ten Penny Mixes Shared on a […]