Tulips in the snow

#Napowrimo #Writeclub Another response to a writeclub prompt by yours truly cheers to Gary @ Writeclub for providing it The bulbs had sleeping all Winter waiting for a small hint of Spring they’d been waiting for the soil to warm up and thinking of the colour they’d bring So imagine then, to their surprise whenContinue reading “Tulips in the snow”

Always take the weather with you

#writeclub #napowrimo Cheers to Beth @ writeclub for the prompt Sunny days always bring a smile to the face blue skies bring good cheer even when they hide behind clouds rainbows suddenly appear gloomy thoughts are downright wrong rain isn’t my favourite weather bright blue skies should always apply when its spring or winter –Continue reading “Always take the weather with you”

Travel Issues

#promptuarium #travelissues #snow I A winters snowfall in the middle of spring was, how can you put it ? surprising II emergency scarves coats and gloves distributed from the boot to front and back seats III Waiting for the repair truck along with the others while sat in the white stuff going nowhere IV TheContinue reading “Travel Issues”

Waking Up

#Napowrimo He’s been Napping for a while in the garden, trying his best to ignore the chill of the winter wind each day he’s counted down raring to show off his new coloured plumage next to the evergreens and now, its happening as his trunk and branches begin to wake up and sprout in aContinue reading “Waking Up”


Salford, 24th October 2020 #Socs #Milkshake Maybe its the illuminating colours i like about them, but i keep returning to the coffee shop slurping them down and having a marvellous time allying icecream, banana, and the freshest milk kept cold in an ice cold frosty refridgerator enjoyable on any seasonal day

Mountain Meadow

Mountaineer came out of his wintry cave, the summit conquered up on the top of the hill, had been nothing but snow, but now those seeds sleeping under the snow had torn through the safety of the soil and provided a lovely view for the climber to see in time, he’d enjoy the fruits ofContinue reading “Mountain Meadow”

Birdsong (Summer)

No rumble of traffic No noise in the street Not many people Navigating the street But somewhere in th’ treetops swaying in the air families of birds are chatting away there Singing ’bout blue skies and the weather that’s greet while on mobile’s behind the glass the humans all tweet