Singing in the rain

Clouds, Poetry, Weather

#In light of the lack of a fresh writing prompt – i’ve poached this one from the wordpress e-book – 365 Writing prompts….enjoy….inky.#

Salford 16th June 2018

Inclement is how the weathermen would have put it

the weather itself couldn’t make its mind up

the sun was out – the birds were tweeting – and everyone was content

that was of course till two sets of clouds collided into one another

and slowly, but surely, small waterdrops began to fall from the sky

pitter pattering into puddles – easily covered by peoples umbrellas

until the raindrops sped up – and turned into stairrods

filling up birdbaths and heading for waterways

the quickest way they could

ladies and gents diving for cover under the nearest shelter

till quick as it arrived – the stairrods departed

and cotton-wool clouds replaced the grey ones

while birds enjoyed the relax

in a pool provided by the cloud

Waiting for the springtime

Acrostic, Poetry, Weather

17th March 2018

Sat in the toolshed on St Patricks Day

Noting the barometer turned

Over from Frosty to warm

When all of a sudden the mercury goes into

Fast flowing freefall

And white powdery masses

Land like leprechauns

Lightly covering rooftops and cars

Outer Layers

Clothes, Life

Outer Layers

Salford 19th August 2017

They say clothes make the man / woman

well, whoever wrote that obviously lives somewhere nearer to the equator than i do.

They’ve also never experienced the phenomenon that is Horizontal Rain.

If its sunbathing weather – then obviously i’ll be in shirt sleeves and a pair of shorts lapping up the sun and the blue skies.  Dipping my toes in cold sea water to cool off before returning to my deckchair and reading material.

On a Volunteering gig ? then i’ll have the customary event t-shirt and hat and (precautionary) jacket in case of a downpour. Nine times out of ten – i’ve never needed it

If though, the angels working in the cloud – decide the ground needs a shower that waterproof jacket comes in handy….oncoming athletes in a downpour sometimes look on in envy.

As the weather changes – so does the kit.  Organising committees on these events have adapted their kits to allow for my hometown’s inclement weather patterns – meaning during midsummer thru autumn , the occasional fleece is thrown in my general direction and unlike the waterproof – these do get used on a regular basis

for after summer – if the rain doesn’t get you – the wind most certainly will.

and you can always take these layers off if the weather improves, it gets warmer, wind drops etc.  Its why they issue volunteers with a bag at events.

Notable thing at these outdoor events – how the dress code goes out of the window when the sun has got his hat on, and the ice cream van is doing a rip roaring trade.

It is easy being green!

Colours, Garden, Nature, Seasons, Spring, Winter

It IS Easy Being Green!


Its quite easy being green

Watching the plants wake from the cold of winter

sprouting new shoots from barren branches

Calamatous cold conditions

giving way to glorious growth

watching wiry stems produce perfect petals

Evergreens look on proudly

as new growth comes from fallen seed

proud parent watching little seedlings

Rainbows of colour

pop through the carpet of lush greenery

from red through to violet – dotted round the borders

Spring greens

Colours, Nature, Poetry, Seasons

#Coloryourworld #cyw #spring-green

From down in the ground

on cold winter ❄️ months

long 🍃 leaves take time to grow.


As their heads pop up from the ground

rejoice! For their dark green foliage

utimately signal

mother nature fancies a change of scene


the mercury rises

and the flowers 🌺 are coming

spring has arrived.

Blue Skies

Poetry, Seaside, Seasons, Weather




The sky is blue

a perfect weather day

white fluffy cloud sheep pass on by

Somewhere up there

the wind is playing gently

moving a kite to and fro

Occasionally the sun

plays peek-a-boo

or Hide and seek

as the clouds pass by

And the hide and seek goes on

behind a building or hill

and will keep on moving and hiding until

Mother nature tells him its time for his bed

and its time for the moon

to play with the clouds instead.



Seasons, Spring, Weather, Winter

In response to the daily post prompt Seasons

Allegedly, its supposed to be Spring in the UK right now.

I say this due to the arrival of Ash Wednesday in the Churches, the birds returning from their holiday homes in the South of the globe, and a much clearer and bluer sky above my head.

However, despite wispy white stratus clouds replacing the Cirrus and Cumulo-Nimbus clouds you get this side of winter – the clear blue skies come with a definite nip in the morning air

This leads to a retreat to my bedroom quilt, or another button being upped on the house thermostat.


Wispy White Clouds over Salford

Winter is hanging on for dear life, and throwing what it can at people as much as it can get away with it….Proof can be found on the Kitchen thermometer that hangs near the fridge.  Normally at a comfortable height due to pleasant temperatures – its mercury has gone into retreat.

Roll on March – and (Hopefully) Spring.

Seasonal Scents

Christmas, Seasons

In Response to Seasonal Scents

As I write from my Suburban Terraced House in Salford, Lancashire – I’m reminded we’re still in Winter in Britain. Although the religious festival of Lent has arrived early, which normally means the onset of Spring – there’s a definite nip in the air.

Winter is hanging on for dear life




The smell of pine leaves was abundant around the streets around Christmas time, as was the all too familiar scent of Warm Minced pies, which were in every kitchen where a Christmas Dinner was served. Mulled Wine released the festive smells of Cinnamon , Nutmeg and Cloves in the Christmas Markets and it warmed the hands and the hearts of those who drank it as they walked around the festive stalls.

The Smell of Mulled Wine has been boxed away till next Christmas season, leaving a gap for wintry treats of hot chocolate to take its place.

Wafting aromas of chocolate, mint, caramel and orange travel up the nose. A perfect remedy for the last of the winter weather. As I write, the weatherman on the BBC announces not just Frost on the way – but Snow! So much for the Mercury rising. I’ll wait to see what Mother Nature delivers in the week.

And as Christmas is remembered, but not forgotten. Churches fill the air with scented candles as preparations are made for Easter time. One definite smell of Lent – the smell of the incense from the incense burner at Holy Week, Not for a while yet – but the candles are doing their best to fill the air with a Lenten smell.

More Blue Sky Thinking

Seasons, Weather

Climate Control

In response to the Daily Post Prompt – “Climate Control”


The Seasons this year are really confusing

and when the seasons affect your mood – its a recipe for some interesting behaviour

For example, by now, I would have expected the feathered occupants of the canalside to have headed south of the location of Inkdrop House.  But Surprisingly, the feathered inhabitants of Salford’s Quayside have decided to stick around…Migration patterns disturbed by the Mercury in the thermometer.

The trees in the park are losing their leaves slower than usual.  A Colourful outcome to this are the patterns of colour on the leaves

But as the colour changes so does mood.  Blue Skies of Spring always make me smile, and white clouds are nice to look at – but as soon as those clouds darken – so smiles disappear from young faces

Its funny how people suddenly want to go outside in a torrent of rain… It stops most outdoor activity, allowing the use of the phrase “Rain stops Play”

But then again – that too brings some benefit, That wet stuff falling to the ground is making the flowers , trees and food grow. Rain also gives us rainbows – so despite being indoors youngsters still enjoy the colours the falling water brings.  If prepared right – when the water stops falling – it leaves behind puddles – perfect to test your wellington boots. The young smile again…and Feathered friends enjoy a dip in the impromptu birdbath.

As the Mercury rises, and the sun comes out – Worshippers of Ra suddenly feel the need to roast in over-seasonal heat.  The rest of us slap on the sunscreen and try to cool off the best we can whilst the sun smiles on.  Ice-cream, Cool Drinks and Siestas become part of the daily routine.  Splashing in the sea or pool – a welcome delight. Put a gentle breeze into the mix – everybody is smiling – let the mercury rise further – the people start looking for the Air-conditioning or look for the nearest shaded veranda (or bar)

But then the mercury drops – and the leaves lose their colour – and autumn watches on for the arrival of winter…the girls and boys put their summer attire away for more suitable fashions – Jumpers, scarves, gloves (or if you are smaller, Mittens)

Feathered Friends depart south for warmer climbs.

The clouds seem different, colder. They streak across the sky holding on to their frosty cargo and then – when you don’t see it coming

The leaves on the trees , fallen to the floor, leave a carpet of autumnal colour – they crunch underfoot.  There would be a reaction by the local wildlife – but they’ve departed for warmer spots.

And then come the first snowflakes of winter.

And while little bears play out in the snow – their elders hibernate in the warmth of their centrally heated caves

Waiting for Spring.