Spiders in the house

#spiders #web #house 22nd June 2018 an acrostic from inkdrop from a prompt from the imaginarium sometimes I wonder why they’re there popping up from out of the garden and setting up in the kitchen i get the idea, these six legged fellows don’t like the cold… desperate, they’ll weave their webs in hidden spaces,Continue reading “Spiders in the house”

Metrolink Stowaway

Eccles to Manchester, 5th September 2017 Manchester – here is a public announcement Even the local birds Think their dinner is taking a liberty , as it Rides along the tracks without a pass, for now On system lines from Salford to Ashton, and Bury to Altrincham Like old Mancunian cotton weavers, they leave InterestingContinue reading “Metrolink Stowaway”

(Spiders) Web

I took this picture in BASICs “Enchanted” Garden, with my new Bridge Camera.  The Spider in question was obviously camera-shy, given it was there a few moments before I got my camera out of its bag.  Nevertheless, s/he left me with a lovely web – weaved between the arms of the brackets of one ofContinue reading “(Spiders) Web”