Acrostic Colours


An acrostic on the colour orange (or is that the fruit orange)

Of course, you all know this colour – its the colour of the fruit

Red meeting yellow in the paint mixing pot

As the two colours come together – colour of

Navel and Seville

Greet you as it hits the paper – its not just in fruit though

Expect to see it on the spice rack or the soup dish

Food Poetry

Something to look forward to

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Salford, 10th June 2020

The preparation seemed endless

the pie dish lined with the finest pastry

rolled out , sugared and buttered

now sat there waiting for the filling

The Smell of Bubbling Bramley apples

merging together with sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon

attracts the local feathered residents

looking longingly past the window glass

dropped into a sweetened parcel

and sealed with a spiced sugared lid

finally toasted together in the oven

served up after the fish and chips

and the perfect accompaniment for it

is spluttering away on a hob

as the smell of fresh vanilla custard

meets with warm apple pie – just the job!

Acrostic Eating Food Treats writing



Scouting out the kitchen cupboards

armed with two ciabatta rolls

navigating your way through the meat in the fridge

dark red salami and piquant spiced ham await

with tempting tomato and cool cucumber

in reach in the salad drawer

coming together with mayo in a

heavenly combination

Cooking Food Poetry


In response to the Daily Prompt


The saying goes

“There’s no smoke without fire”,

and as it appears, the wood in the oven

begins to burn.


Flames licking the sides of the grill

slowly encompassing the meat resting there

trapped in a smog of flavour


Occasionally seeing daylight for another brush of marinade

of Sugar, Honey and Spice.

and as the heat rises in the oven

the embers glow in the smog


The window of the oven sees barely but a mist,

but the coals burn on, and the heat rises

adding more flavour to the fabulous feast

till chef announces – “Dinner is Served”

Cooking Food Poetry

An ode to a cook

Originally posted in’s poetry News letter – enjoy


The master craftsman sits
with instruments to hand.
He looks at ingredients
and begins to stand

No Wood or Iron or Marble or Stone
Eggs , Flour, Sugar and Spices the tone
Chopping up flavours from east and from west
to create a dish that he knows taste the best

he’s took his time gradually
learning his skill
in a very busy kitchen
he’s no time to kill

but he’ll produce summat tasty
from ingredients by th’dish
by preparing the veggies, the spices and fish
and what’s more is he’ll stand wi’ ingredients he’s got
and create his dish in just one pot

and while it’s in th’oven
he’ll dive, duck and lunge
to create up an afters
a custard wi Sponge.