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  • Cadence

    #Napowrimo #writeclub Listen…. can you hear it? as the morning sun pops its head above the horizon the rise and fall of the musical local wildlife discussing the day can be heard in every green space in the land news of the morning new chicks in the nest meaning more than one food stop for […]

  • The visitor

    The visitor

    #birds #summer He landed last night having visited someplace sunny having spotted the green and blues and pinks he decided to stay around for a while The locals were friendly advising on spots over the fence where for a little bit of effort you could get a really good feed You could find a spa […]

  • Roof of sparrows

    Roof of sparrows

    #Birds #writeclub Construction began Simply enough a small nest for Mr sparrow and his family nesting in the eves the nest made of twigs mud and bracken and other different leaves Mr Sparrows brother moved in and soon it looked like the terrace below and little uns acted like the kiddies Moving too and fro

  • Ten birds 🐦 spotted

    Salford, 25th January 2017 in response to the daily prompt Ten i never realised my home city was such a magnet for birds, particularly waterfowl pigeons are normally the first thing I’d spot, sparrows usually nest in the small fir trees 🌲 In the front garden today a blackbird said hello, hopping about from tree […]