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It’s funny you know

Nearly every single orange you buy – comes from Spain

and yet, when you go on holiday there you find ’em

ready – squeezed to be delivered for breakfast in a glass

and hiding away in a fridge

now if you time it right – you can get them

just right from the local grocer

and of course – after you’ve eaten your main meal – as an ice-cream!

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Olive tree

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hanging delicately from your branches

in a cast of thousands

your colour casts Down on white chalky soil

as you soak up the rays from the Mediterranean sun

what you hold is prized up and down the land

by the farmer, the chef and the food fan

as you paint the town green

under azure blue skies.

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Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

a href=””>An Odd Trio</a>

It was the day after we’d landed on the Spanish Island of Eivissa.  Dad walked us towards a local tapas bar near to the apartment we’d hired.

“They do really nice fish here – according to the guide” said Mum

Ever resourceful – she’d put our Beach towels on our seats

The waiter came out with our drinks , a beer for dad, a lemonade for mum and orange juice for me and anne-marie,

“Having a starter” asked the waiter

“can I have some soup with my sardines mum ?” I asked

“Gazpacho ?”

Dad Smiled but I didn’t know why – “Er, Yes Please”

He returned in an instant with a plate of mushed up tomato, cucumber and onion, served with crusty bread

I needed Mum’s help to figure out how to eat it – I mean did I have the juice and miss the mushed up vegetables ?  for a few moments – I was puzzled.

Now – Dad may have thought it funny – but I quite enjoyed the concoction – particularly when I mixed my sardines In with it , it was really tasty.  And as the Spanish sun began to rest on the edge of the horizon it was really refreshing – perhaps that was down to the lemon juice in it – or the five ice cubes  floating about the tomatoes!

As for the bones and the fish heads – the restaurant owners cat got those….

And I had no problem with the pudding – icecream set into an Orange…

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The Accomplished Traveller

While out on Holiday to Oledeniz in Turkey – I took along a very special guest

My little mascot – Bean Bear!  He’s a winnie-the-pooh beanbag that’s been

up and down the uk and to places in Spain, Greece, and Turkey with me.  For some reason,

he makes me calm when i’m on plane journeys…and that’s probably down to the fact the bigger

version of him  was used to calm me down when I was in hospital facing an operation.

Little Yellow Bear (The Accomplished Traveller)

A different place,

a different wall.

He sits on the bed,

Where he knows he won’t fall.

He’s travelled to places,

both far and of wide,

he likes the warm sunshine,

but prefers inside.

He’s the small yellow bear,

who reminds you you’re home

whether out on the sands,

or under a dome.

And he’ll sit there on

His nice new spot.

With the cool breeze

He likes that a lot!
And he’ll stay with you there,

till you head for the beach

when he’ll stay in your pocket,

he’s not out of reach.

And he’ll stay till it’s time

to get back in your case

and it’s time to go home

or to some other place.