Sounds of Winter

#ice #snow #winter Early morning wake up call the winds are bawling “Jack frosts been calling” Dancing with the frost fairies all across the land And underfoot, the fallen leaves have hardened up and stood their ground deciding not to be pushed around defiantly cracking as you tread a sign they’re sleeping – and notContinue reading “Sounds of Winter”

Early Morning

Salford 23rd August 2018 Squeaky doors are better clarion calls than any alarm clock on the market   Slumbered silence broken by a cistern attracts you to the noise of the nearby main road   Luna’s departure allows Ra to announce “The morning is here! it’s time to get up”   And motorised monsters orContinue reading “Early Morning”

Sounds of home

#Blogging101 #Napowrimo #Day18 #Home #Memories Woken by the familiar sounds of childhood the morning freight rolling down the Trafford Road Clock radios alert you to the time as Water runs in the bathroom to the fizz of bath cubes creating bubbles   Thump of the morning news follows letters on the floor as the chirp ofContinue reading “Sounds of home”