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  • Hidden Away

    Hidden Away

    #MLMM Take a look. If you were distracted by the yellow tulips Massed on the carpet of green Everyone knows – you would have missed it Look again – it’s there sitting on the Edge of the vast expanse of water Some might say its daft masquerading as a molehill – but Silliness is a […]

  • Solitary

    Solitary  Silence is the One thing that gets you when you’re Left on your own It will drive you mad or Tear you apart As you recall and Remember those with fondness You miss or left behind

  • Photo Challenge : Solitude

    Solitude     Early morning sunrise 🌅 the fishing boats crews asleep in bed no one here but me and the sea 🌊 stillness of air and silence only broken by the smallest of waves lapping on the shore burying my toes into uncharted sand and tiny pebbles washed by the sea enjoying the silence […]