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A winters snowfall

in the middle of spring

was, how can you put it ?




scarves coats and gloves

distributed from the boot

to front and back seats


Waiting for the repair truck

along with the others

while sat in the white stuff

going nowhere


The kids liked the idea

that jack frost, had turned

the car, and others ahead

into little igloos


Rescue services

Grin at the forward view

of a smiling snowman

at every hard shoulder


Sat in the Warm ? Out of the Cold

Ideal solution – kept in a box

Sandwiches , and Hot Bovril

Till the rescue gets us to the Services



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Someone should have seen it coming

Northern skies were full of the stuff, but hadn’t dropped anything

Out of nowhere, a small unassuming snowflake

Went tumbling towards the ground, occasionally pushed by the winds

Followed by a number of his classmates

As they drifted , they clung on to each other for safety

Landing softly onto the soft soily ground

Lots required , to build the class snowman ☃️

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Oh my word!


Salford, 21st January

Regular readers know i set up this website to share my scribbles and the photos and events that go with them

well, whilst i’ve been setting up Son of Hex….i received an e-mail for my photography from those wonderful chaps at Viewbug.

you can take a look at my profile on there HERE

Might have been the scene i took the other day that inspired the award, it was snowing at the time

A snowy day in Salford (Image by Inky)

Not enough for a snowman though 🙂

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The Arrival Of The Snowmen

Salford Quays,  22nd November 2018

Christmas is coming……

We might be in November, but we’ve had a bit of festive decoration arrive on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal today

Four Calling Birds

A number of brightly decorated snowmen, have found themselves stood around and about in locations at Salford Quays.   From The Lowry to Mediacity UK,  They’re all based around Raymond Briggs’ original fun character and have been decorated by local children and young people in the area.

Its Been a buzzy few months for local artworks as previously we had Bee in the City land in Salford as part of the Hive in Manchester.  When they flew to pastures new, the Snowmen paid us a visit.  While the Bees raised money for the We Love Manchester Fund, This time all funds will go to BBC Children in need 

Feel free to comment on the snowmen I’ve captured….I’ll post more as and when i find them.

Two Turtle Doves

Six Geese a Laying

Animals Seasons Snowman Weather Winter


Jack Frost landed a wintery spell

hibernating animals – have a tale to tell.

Icy shapes fall through the air to the ground,

as crystals they break – without any sound


Temperature falls on the ground below,

turning the crystals to crisp white snow.

Covering ground, with white snow quite nice

which can be turned into blocks of clear cold ice


But most often than most – its used in a plan

by children in creating a great big snowman.

What’s truly agreed – whether young or old

the snow is a sign – It ain’t half cold!

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Winters Grip

A Silver winning piece of poetry on winter from the pages of

It starts when the last leaves
of Autumn are falling.
The Air gets colder
with Winter calling.

And Snow starts to fall, as ice starts to form
as weather gets colder than then when it was warm.
And Winter takes hold, as things start to freeze
as Mercury retreats from the cold in the breeze

And as Winter takes a Grip, of this quarter of year,
you’re torn as to whether to cry or to cheer.
As you play in the snow, in day and in night
as the retreating temperature, begins to bite.

The wildlife, they say, seem to know best
as many decide to take up a rest.
Storing a harvest, so they are well fed,
Waiting for Spring, to arise from their bed.

But kids enjoy playing building things in the Snow,
so out in the garden my Nephews will go,
Building a Snowman, wi me and my Dad,
Wrapped up real warmly – as this cold it is bad.

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A Gold winning poem on a snowman – enjoy

Out in the Garden
the white stuff does blow
winter’s construction kit
(i’m talking of snow)

And out in the garden,
the kids have a plan
to create something brilliant
in the form of a snowman

The snow piles high
as he begins to take shape
snowflakes compacted
no room to escape

A smile made up from pebbles
Hat and scarf from out of the hall
The jolly big snowman
Now looks over garden wall

Occasionally met by the owners cat
who sits near his feet (on a snow covered mat)
he watches in the garden – both night and day
especially in the daytime – when his builders at play.