Waiting for the springtime

17th March 2018 Sat in the toolshed on St Patricks Day Noting the barometer turned Over from Frosty to warm When all of a sudden the mercury goes into Fast flowing freefall And white powdery masses Land like leprechauns Lightly covering rooftops and cars


Adrift Down the road blown by the wind rafts of snow travel quickly in forms that move like starlings forward and back, the snowflakes move till the wind drops, and they land softly on the lawn   deftly floating it’s way out to sea rickety branches travel across the water in expectation they’ll find theirContinue reading “Drift”


Dim In the dawn light of a winters morning its very hard to see why the important man with his very important briefcase should be stood at the platform getting covered in snow if he’d listened to the announcer – a bus arrived two minutes ago but he let it pass and like an assContinue reading “Dim”


#CB&W #Weather When i saw this prompt from cees black and white challenge, I expect you knew the response you see – It’s blooming Autumn, they cried! The weather’s bound to be bad,  said some we’re gearing up for winter Hot climates moved back, said others, towards the equator… Everyone’s thinking of heading where itsContinue reading “Weather”

Snow 🌨

Salford 28th February 2017 So, here it goes new Year and January have left the party old father times moving on to spring winter ❄️ you would think 💭 is getting ready to take a nap 😴 somebody didnt read the script at the pole northern winds have delivered something, covering over the terracotta tilesContinue reading “Snow 🌨”

The Garden Christmas Tree

All dressed up, and nowhere to go a tall high fern sits gathering the snow collecting white stuff from branch to root as flakes cover all things that are under foot He’s had a haircut since last year when he gave children some Christmas cheer Birds are away, having flown west So up in theContinue reading “The Garden Christmas Tree”

Cherry on Top : Heaven

In response to the photo challenge Cherry On Top   It doesn’t get better than this…. Pick your day Cold damp wet Or if its winter – It’s Frosty or Snowing Pick your Bolthole and welcome in the warmth of a satisfying, chocolatey hug laced with mint, cherry or even chocolate sprinkles deep, rich andContinue reading “Cherry on Top : Heaven”