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  • No Glue Required

    No Glue Required

    #TruthfulTuesday Frank, aka PCGuy, has published another one of his Truthful Tuesday posts. This week Frank wants to know… When it comes to working on a project, what gives you the most satisfaction? Starting something new, putting time into a pet project, or finally being able to push a completed project into the “done” pile? Well, that […]

  • Rituals


    #napowrimo #chocolate #rituals a sweet piece by inky You stood in the newsagentobserving the aisleslike an aztec worshipperin front of a chocolate altarArmed with your golden coinsyou lifted up the chosen barand waited to pay at the tillThe foil shone under the lampsas you caught a sly smellthe waiting would be worth itGolden coin for […]

  • Red Arrow

    #Acrostic #Model #Plane Royal air force display team plane engineered by the modellists designed to fit together – without any glue As things go – it was Really easy to put together – snapping together Red white and blue flag on the tailfin Only cause for concern When the plane falls from its perch – […]

  • Hard as nails

    Hard as nails

    #SoCs #Nails The pieces of the plane snapped together quite remarkably from propeller to wing to cockpit it’s parts have kept together locked in tight – no need for a hammer or nails superglue ? redundant it would take some serious force for it (or any of it’s fellow squadron) to lose their wings though […]

  • Air Snaps

    Crisp In the cold light of day you could break off the mist and eat it all up   Say that its biting it keeps things fresh not frosty at all   Just cold enough to take the heat off and highten tastebuds