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Scorched Earth…


A poem by Inkdropk in response to the prompt


The park grass in Greater Manchester looked a little different

November 6th 2016

The morning after the night before

when children watched with awe

at the colourful spectacle

appearing in front of enlightened eyes

The air laced with the smell of Gunpowder

Guido Fawkes’ ghost smiling away

Cinders of wood sit in  circles

where warming flames once stood

there’s now stillness, smoke and silence

in the early hours of a cold winters day

as dampened embers force out

The last traces of the bonfires life

a large black and silvery circle

set in a sea of green

Cooking Food Poetry


In response to the Daily Prompt


The saying goes

“There’s no smoke without fire”,

and as it appears, the wood in the oven

begins to burn.


Flames licking the sides of the grill

slowly encompassing the meat resting there

trapped in a smog of flavour


Occasionally seeing daylight for another brush of marinade

of Sugar, Honey and Spice.

and as the heat rises in the oven

the embers glow in the smog


The window of the oven sees barely but a mist,

but the coals burn on, and the heat rises

adding more flavour to the fabulous feast

till chef announces – “Dinner is Served”