#Pandamonium #picandmix

Photo by Laura The Explaura on

written for the picandmix poetry event by inky.

In a zoo near beijing

an explosion took place

was it the bamboo

or the sugar cane

black and white fur

covering the panda’s home

line of little pandas

going from end to end

held and fed by keepers

while mummy panda

takes a well deserved doze

Acrostic Beach Drink


#fowc #foam


on the seaside

as the waves

make up something frothy on the shore


on top of your mocha

a mix of fluffy

milk clouds and a dash of cocoa

Freshly laid out for bedtime

on here you happily sleep

as it forms to you as part of your


Character Childhood Creatures Poetry

The monster under the bed


They said he was ferocious

and came out at night

while you were sleeping

to give you a fright

The thing is – the monster

lived underneath you

and was frightened of the noises

and snores that you blew

so he was real careful

and snuck down the the stairs

helping himself to apples

bananas and pears

and before you woke up

he was back in his place

enjoying his dinner

in his darkened space


Sleeping spot

from a journey of a million miles

the humble sea snail took a rest on the sandy shore

wrapped in its cosy stone blanket

it kept on sleeping

till one day, it was woken up

by a student archaeologists hammer

Flowers Garden Poetry


#fowc #socs #growth

Getting up at sunlight

reacting to the suns warmth

out pop the little seedlings

who were sleeping away after

taking refreshment in the border – now, there

having a wail of a time – reaching for the sunshine

Seedlings : Painting from stock art by inky

Learning Poetry



 Photo credit: ′′The Weight of Thought′′ – sculpture by Thomas Lerooy.

Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge

He read all the books in the library

and listened to the recordings and tapes

taking in all of the info

filling in all of the empty space

until he thought he were tired

leaning his head, on a post by a pillow

only problem you see, was post grew and did flee

flying up as tall as a willow

recorders and scholars, took in the warning

as he was stuck on the pillar well after morning

and split up their learning, with regular breaks

in order they’d keep themselves awake


Morning Battle

#Morning #Battle #writeclub

Head stuck under the pillow

Feet reaching for the floor

Toes feeling the cold tingle of wood floor

and making a retreat for the duvet

Rumble of morning traffic

passing by the close by road

engaged in a battle to reach their destination

Formula 1 – but without the engine

Perhaps it was a good idea

Maybe it had to be done

But sticking your head under ice cold water

couldn’t be considered much fun

Acrostic BASIC Memory

Random Access Memories


Memories are a funny thing

even if your memory is reletively sound

making the memory into something permanent requires an

open mind and something to refer to

remembering mum and dads birthday might be an easy one,  but

if your mind slips, whilst you are

Zedding away in the land of nod – its

easy to let time pass you by – best use a diary!

Acrostic Memories Outdoor Pursuits Outdoors Poetry

Well worn Blanket

Salford 16th May 2017


Back in Nineteen eighty two – i started taking this long woolly blanket to camp

Like many other scouts i stuck it at the end of my tents sleeping bag, and

As it got cold, i wrapped it round me to keep warm

Now, each camp i went to – i picked up a patch from the campsite – and these were

Kept on the woolly blanket…covering areas from Cumbria to Derbyshire – I

Even had a whole heap of locations such as

Torquay , paignton and brixham and these found a spare spot on my sleeping spot

Chocolate Eating Food Humour Poetry

Confessions of a midnight eater

Trio No. 3


In the darkness of night

a voice calls out from down the stairs

as you drift and glide in a wide awake dream

only to be found at six in th’morning

meeting up with slices of chocolate cake at the fridge door.