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  • Workshop


    A response to Scott Coe’s #Syntax Poetry Festival Prompt You can’t call it a school I don’t see blackboards, I don’t see books Drills , Hammers and Saws make up the look creative types – making things from wood or metal and plastic – if they think they should learning the skills of a noble […]

  • Never too old

    #WDYS While Nanna taught the little uns about life before they were born the crops grown on the farm and animals that lived there there was always something she could learn from her grandson like how to get the seeds for the fields in lightning speed – and all through the click of a button

  • If….


    #Socs #If #Inkdropnotkipling If people could be a little more thoughtful and not thought of emptying shelves there might not be “panic buying” indeed – there’d be stuff for yourself If people could be a bit kinder the world would be a happier place and they’d be looking around at their hometown instead of staring […]

  • Playing with (Hazel) Nuts and Bolts

    Playing with (Hazel) Nuts and Bolts

    Salford, 9th November 2016 Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford Today in the photography session , we’ve merged the topics of nature and industry…. Created with my Sony Bridge Camera and some building materials and Nuts provided by our tutor Maggie… (please forgive me if I seem to have put this in the […]

  • Memory Workshop

    Today at BASICs Memory workshop, we learned about the three different kinds of memory stored in the brain. The first, Episodic – deals with Events in a persons life – it allows you to remember peoples birthdays, sporting events and all those things to do with Dates – such as appointments to the doctor and all that […]