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  • Timberwolf


    #CYW #Timberwolf There’s something unique in this relation of your pet pooch maybe its the way they band together when they’re searching for supper, everyone helping out in the pack roaming the forests as one – when they’ve found their food old and young share looking after one another – family – like you and […]

  • Universal Change

    Universal Change

    #Character #Space #Universe #writeclub While the planets Go round the Sun (our star) and far off systems go round their own stars something keeps space and time moving The old man of space keeps mother milky way , Andromeda and her other brothers and sisters turning while he watches on There have been times when […]

  • Swimming Lessons

    Swimming Lessons

    Salford Quays, 14th July 2018 a tale of the first time in the canal…from one of the goslings….Interpreted by Inky 🙂 It’s a bit hard stepping out from the little nursery pool to the great big vast waterway but at least my family are nearby mum and dad watching proudly on no water wings required […]