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  • Rising up

    Rising up

    #Napowrimo #paperswans #building #tower #lights From the towers base you could easily make out where you saw pathway to cosmos lit up in plasma colours laser pink and blue UFO Friendly ? a call to every craft – “Come and Visit!”

  • Ring


    #Socs #Ring the noise of many things in the house from the alarm clock that wakes you in the morning to the egg timer ensuring your boiled egg is just right and you daren’t miss the noise of some bells no matter how noisy it is the bells of the bakelite phone? it’s your reletives […]

  • Wednesday

    #Octpowrimo Weekday Woven tween Tuesday and Thursday Woden’s Day – named after a saxon god and a sign – when you wake up weekend is on its way

  • Alert

    #Writeclub #Prompt 11th May 2020 I wrote this in response to the Write Clubs “Home/Alert” Prompt and thought i’d share with my fellow wordpressers – enjoy The news from Network Rail rang out “To make people aware In the event of an alert Three sharp blasts Will be heard from the Station Masters whistle” The […]

  • Bird on a wire

    #SocS #Wire Battery operated radio ? if you have one of these – expect interruptions right about now there’s a small feathered friend doing the fandango up and down on the receiver of the signal outside and if you notice a crackle or two – its down to that. Analogue radio seems to pick up […]

  • Autumn Leaves (in Wordart)

    Autumn Leaves (in Wordart)

    Salford, 23rd November 2019 #Autumn #Signal #Nature #Frost #Ice The weather’s changing, so I created this colourful arty piece with bits from an old notebook….enjoy the read Words by inky, Font type : Deathfromabove – Link – HERE As the Mercury retreats towards its bulb, i’ll be creating more of these.

  • Carriage

    #fowc #carriage Sat by the platform it waits for the sign as gentlemen and ladies alike now make their way to their furnished cabins a wonderful journey to places wonderful lakes mountains and streams – but they have to wait for the flag

  • Whistle

    #Fowc #Whistle #Acrostic When the pea begins to rattle, the noise Hits the high notes It’s time for the action to begin, a Signal from the official Time to get underway Let’s get moving Excitement – building