Nature Places Poetry

slow down


Slowdown (Image: KL Caley)

With the petrol heads

ignoring the policeman’s signs

to take their foot off the accelerator

Mother Nature decided to intervene

What’s the rush ?

she asked by the roadside

spreading a bit of colour

in the grass by the tarmac

The seeds took their time

and eventually, after the clouds

gave them a drink

they popped up to see the sun

Mother Nature’s Motives ?

quite simply achieved

the petrolheads would slow down

to see the pretty flowers


Barnacle Bob’s booty

#Writephoto #Pirate #treasure

They say Barnacle Bob

was a buccaneering pirate

bigger than Blackbeard

He kept quiet where he kept his plunder

of diamonds , silver and gold

they say, to the grim reaper its been sold

His body buried in a simple hole

the treasure hunters surveyed it whole

to locate this precious valuable goal

But while they dig – to their dismay

rocks and clay are all that bill gives way

for the gravestone says – treasures miles away

Life Poetry




Woven tween Tuesday and Thursday

Woden’s Day – named after a saxon god

and a sign – when you wake up

weekend is on its way