Burnt Sienna

Salford, 15th September #CYW #BurntSienna I recall a leather chair the smell of it as I sat in it in the morning it’s sound as I got my back into its folds it squeaked – like a mouse looking for food Looking out beyond the glass in a warm seat looking out for snowmen beyondContinue reading “Burnt Sienna”

Raw sienna

#coloryourworld #cyw #rawsienna Valuable pigment from the Tuscan hills, your golden tones are a sight to see a valued commodity … from deep in the ground many an Italian master painter 👩‍🎨 would have you there on their paint 🎨 palette but it’s not gold that sets off your cherished demand like pyrites of old,Continue reading “Raw sienna”

Burnt sienna

#Coloryourworld #Burntsienna #CYW Some would say, It’s your magnetic iron that gives you your character Earthy qualities you most definitely contain Never understated – heated from your ore deep in the ground Noted painters use you to create a picture of Artisans pulling you from the ground